On Guard Essential Oil 101

Lemon Essential Oil (5)



Cold Spray: Add 15 drops to 5 oz of water in a small spritz bottle and spray in mouth at the first sign of sickness.

Flu Shot Carrot Juice

Immunity Lovin’ On Guard Elderberry Syrup

Sore Throat: Add a drop to a Tbsp of water, gargle for a minute and then swallow.


Gum Disease Prevention: Add a drop to toothbrush before brushing.

Relieve Bee Stings: Rub directly into sting.


Clean Floors: Add a couple drops to mop water for extra clean.

Stain Removal: Rub on stains before laundering clothes.

Vacuum Cleaner: Put a few drops in vacuum bag to kill pathogens.

Air Purifying: Put a few drops in your diffuser to kill bugs in the air.


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