The “Let it Go” Blend for Holiday Tension

My hope is that your holiday is filled with a delightful sort of busyness – I’m quite partial to scoping out the neighborhood lights, dancing around my kitchen to my favorite Christmas playlists, making homemade gifts, and creating healthy edibles to share. However, sometimes there are also crowded shops, travel plans, and all manner of things that leave us carrying extra tension. Enter: The “Let it Go” Blend. It won’t do your holiday shopping for you but, massaged into tense shoulders, it will leave you with relaxed muscles and an enchantingly festive aroma.

Relieve Holiday Tension with the %22Let it Go%22 Blend - Mossysentials

The “Let it Go” Blend

2 Tbsp MCT oil

3 drops DoTerra Rosemary Essential Oil

3 drops DoTerra White Fir Essential Oil

3 drops DoTerra Peppermint Essential Oil

Mix in a small container and rub into tense muscles.


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